ARW supports new initiative: book project on diversity, inclusion, equity and the threat to academic freedom – contributions welcome

Academics are increasingly fearful of speaking out against intolerant political ideology. Coordinated action is needed to counter the threats to academic freedom driven by extreme policies of diversity, inclusion and equity. To this end, scholars are now collecting contributions from academics around the world to illustrate their experiences of these problem.

Academic Rights Watch (ARW) is proud to support a new book project book addressing urgent issues of academic freedom. ARW’s Chairman Erik J. Olsson is one of the editors. Below, we publish the Editors’ call for contributions.

Call for contributions

There can be no doubt that discrimination based on sex, race, ethnicity, religion or political beliefs is not to be tolerated. Correspondingly, the work of any individual at institutes of higher education should be assessed purely on the basis of their academic merits and achievements. This is what one would expect of a policy driven by diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE).

In recent years, however, such policies have increasingly led to limitations on the freedom of expression and research; under the DIE codes of conduct that have been implemented, academics who may have expressed views different to mainstream opinion have not infrequently been subject to harassment, isolation and even permanent damage to their careers.

We know of many examples that illustrate how the fight for equality has been hijacked by an intolerant political ideology. We believe that university and research institutes must be politically neutral and should adhere strictly to established scientific methods.

We know there are many people who would like to voice their opinion but for the greater part do not dare do so, for fear of possible recrimination. Nonetheless, we cannot wait patiently for the problem to fix itself automatically. For instance, coordinated action is needed now to counter the excesses of identity politics in academia.

To this end, we are now collecting contributions from academics around the world to illustrate their experiences and these problems.  Our hope is that by documenting the state of affairs, we will create awareness of and resistance to the current threats to academia and science.

We are calling on you to join our enterprise by contributing a chapter to a book addressing these issues. This can be either an existing text or one you are prepared to write.

Please send links or material (texts of maximum 2,500 words including a brief abstract of less than 100 words, duly signed with the researcher’s name and affiliation) in Word or text format to the E-mail address:, indicating in the subject “DIE and the Threat to Academic Freedom”. If you have an idea and want to discuss it first before writing about it, please send your query to the same E-mail address.

Martín López Corredoira
Ph.D. in Physics & Philosophy
Staff researcher at Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
Tenerife, Spain

Erik J. Olsson
Chairman of Academic Rights Watch
Professor of Theoretical Philosophy
Lund University, Sweden

Tom Todd
Independent campaigner
Hamburg, Germany

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